Project Wrap Up

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Garden Of Light project. 1:50 model of the pavilion. Carved out of a single block of plaster. Friendly feedback.




50% of the design unit’s mark, or 1/8th of a years work.


Eco-house Site

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Silver Birches

Garden Of Light/Pavilion Project

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Brown Card Model


Flawed Plaster

Bowling And Metalwork

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What I sat down intending to write last night was a breif account of how nice an evening I’d had. 7 of us went bowling (which I haven’t done since I was 10), followed by a pizza, too celebrate one of the fellow-coursemates birthday. Only one of us acted adult. And then it snowed! At 11 o’clock at night and it was beautiful.

Today contained much source of intrest. Metalworking is now integral to my model making tool-kit. The workshops here are seriously good (in my entirely inexperienced opinion). Thumbs are not for hammering! I have the blood-blister to remind me.

And there was this lecture about TEQ’s (Trading Emissions Quota’s) by an old guy called David Fleming. It really was very simple. There is cause for hope. The inevitable recession from the combination of Climate Change and Peak Oil can be dampened. Our society might just survive. There will have to be a process of total overhaul (or Lean Thinking as he would term it) of our entire lives, but something that is vaguely recognisable as our society could still exist. New Orleans was a demonstration of how little time it took for laws to fail and for the people to resort to mob rule. If only we could get it implemented we might stand a chance. It seems so obvious.

A Windy Day

Friday 19th January § 2 Comments

After having done almost nothing for the last two weeks, I’ve
tried to compensate by two weeks worth of activities in the space of two days.

Yesterday was really spent on borrowed time, after having not slept that evening. About 5:30 in the morning I decided that I was going to write(code) a fullscreen image viewer, which is really useful for previewing images.

There was a fantastic open-lecture by the sudo-client (who’s name I promptly forgot) for the Performing Arts centre designed by Raphael Vinioli. It’s a really interesting project: two theatres, setup in such a way that either can make use of an extended central stage, or even to open up the whole space to include both spaces, the idea was that the workings of the stages would be revealed to the public. What was really interesting was hearing from a clients eye view on such a huge project. This guy was so pashionate about the project and the possibilities, this is Stage 1 of an idea he’s been pushing for 8 years now. Really crappy on the eco front, and 3 times over it’s initial budget, it’s still quite brilliant architecture. (Apparently, being environmentally friendly costs approximately 5% extra)

Today was a bit slow to start. Missed the last of the moisture ingress laboratories because I slept in. Spent 2 hours messing about in Sketchup. For our first model we’ll be copying Mies Van De Rohe’s iconic Barcelona Pavilion, originally designed in 1929 (The current pavilion is a 1970’s replica, because the original got carefully dismantled, but then they lost. They lost a whole building in the post!). The roof of the CAD-lab was groaning ominously in the storm-force winds. The courtyard of our building was roped off because but’s of the Fletcher building where falling off.

Then Rose, Chris and I went house shopping ‘round lunchtime but discounted that property because it didn’t have a double bed. But later saw a house at 5 and came out and within half an hour we’d each withdrawn a £250 deposit so hopefully that will go through in the morning – in my absence. It couldn’t be closer to the campus.

In between the house hunting I sketched a small doodle that I instantly saw in 3D. No inspirations, no process. Miraculous conception.

It’s more like walk through sculpture than true ‘architecture’. Blurry lines I know. General themes that I was pondering at the time: wind 🙂 waves, texture and puzzling about what makes an idea worthy of scaling up into an all out concept. How do you chose what to develop? Why? How should that choice be made? But in the end this idea turned up out of nowhere, complete, and perfectly formed and so I’m just going to go along with it. It’s not as if I can forget this idea, so I’m stuck with it, no matter how hard its going to be to draw/model/construct. Anyway, next Wednesday shoud see inductions into the Metal Working workshops which will be brill.

Then there was climbing (glowing tinglyness throughout), followed by a brief spell in another pub, but I left before the pub quiz got started because my head aches.

Apparently the ‘place to be’ for live music in Leicester is a tiny pub called The Twisted Toucan, with open mic sessions with talented people and live Reggae and cool stuff like that.

Right now I’m enjoying flipping between ‘The Trial Of Tony Blair’ and the realities of Newsnight. Fiction and reality merging. There are moments when it’s . Switch from a fake Gordon Brown patronising likqwl kiddies in a classroom to the real Gordon, being even more patronising to a group of kids on the starting block of a school race, cut to him chewing the cud (in reality). Meaningful TV.

Oh, and tomorrow I’m going to gawp at the glossy glass losenge starchitecture of Manchester as part of the Uni. 10 buildings within the course of the day.

And for those in the loop, I think I’ve lost my mobile phone.

One huge plus-side, in my rather manic search for my mobile, I happened to look behind my bedside cupboard where I discovered my tiny Fuji digital camera that I thought I’d lost about 2 months ago. In the mean time, believing that the Fuji was well and truly vanished I treated myself to a fantastic Pentax digital SLR. Techno-gluton that I am, I’m tempted to keep them both. Photos will be forthcoming.
If I mention that Irn-Bru is a godly drink which would be ideal accompanied by a shot(glass) of lemon(juice) then I’ve manged to tick off all of those pesky category thingies down the side in the one post.

Love to all & noswaith da.

Last Review Of Term

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Last Thursday was the last review of term. We presented a continuation of the previous ‘Opening And Boundary’ project. Using our ‘white card’ model as a template we drew out the plan, elevations, 2 sections, an axonometric of a detail, and a perspective. If I’d thought it through I’d have designed something full of straight lines and right angles, and everything would be easily measurable and orderly, but it wouldn’t have been half as interesting.

Opening & Boundary Photo

Looking at the space now with ‘fresh eyes’ I’m really pleased with it’s oddity and strangely balanced asymmetry. In the next project I’d like to push the boundaries of the brief a bit further.

Working Late

Monday 11th December § Leave a comment

3:15 in the morning and I think I’ve cracked this late night working. The secret is that there needs to be some kind interesting podcasty thing going on in the background.

Many hours flew by thanks to the handily timed discovery of: ‘Kant‘s Epistemology‘, a whole lecture series by Dr Susan Stuart of Glasgow Uni. There’s not much else around with a philosophical bent (not true philosophising anyway), but this is the real candy.

There’re whole sentences that just fly by without being understood, and they use really long words ‘n all. That’s how you know it’s good. Brilliant in-fact. Definitely worth repetition.

Maybe in a few years I’ll have learnt not to leave things to the last minute.

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