A new found energy for architecture

Thursday 18th February § Leave a comment

Until very recently I wasn’t on course to finish my Architecture degree (BA at De Montfort Leicester). In brief.. From about November last year my CFS started getting the better of me. I deferred my work to the summer, and then again for a whole year. A few days ago, I had almost given up hope of finishing. But things have change. I’m going to start by working my sock off for a month, and see where that gets me.

As part of this I’ve decided to start blogging about my work. Mainly as a resource for myself, but also so a few friends can follow where I’m at. I also find that documenting my progress helps me believe that what I’m working on is useful, and gives me hope.

For people who don’t know me personally it might be interesting (or not) as a diary of my design process, and how the design is shaped through the medium of 3D software. My aim is to write a little every day, or at least post an image of what I’ve been working on.

This ugly image, is from the day before yesterday. I’ll explain the project in a future post. For now.. back to work.

Light well over the celebration hall's kitchen

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