Thursday 15th March § 3 Comments

(written on the return train journey, a few weeks ago)

First, I should explain that (when I go home) I live in the attic, well out of the path of drunken wanderers. At some point during last nights partying, between the hours of 7 in the evening and midnight, someone came in to my room and scrawled this message on my desk in permanent marker.


Which is rather sweet. Certainly better than a crummy Valentines card. If only I had any idea about who could have written this. So far the identity of the mystery scribbler seems to be remaining stubbornly secretive. The only possible course of head is to locate the culprit through a process of elimination. So far I have 4 out of the 39 people at the party, who probably definitely didn’t do it; if they’re telling the truth.

Investigations will continue.


§ 3 Responses to Cluedo

  • Piezochem says:

    Note the elipsis, perhaps a but or a more to follow.

    You will know soon enough.

    Sorry, I am being nosey again, noticed your camera earlier today and wondered if you put pics up 😛

  • emily says:

    I’d say the X at the end discounts the elipsis’s validity, it’s just another in so many language variations we use to appear less precise.
    I reckon it was Danny, what with his mystical disappearing and all, he probably managed a bit of secret scribbling in the meantime.
    heh, just kidding, it’s not his writing. sorry to disappoint 😉
    see you soon harry! hurrah.

  • emily says:

    PS, I didn’t mean “it’s not his writing because I know whose it is” I meant “it’s not his handwriting”. just thought i’d clear that one up.

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