Bowling And Metalwork

Wednesday 24th January § Leave a comment

What I sat down intending to write last night was a breif account of how nice an evening I’d had. 7 of us went bowling (which I haven’t done since I was 10), followed by a pizza, too celebrate one of the fellow-coursemates birthday. Only one of us acted adult. And then it snowed! At 11 o’clock at night and it was beautiful.

Today contained much source of intrest. Metalworking is now integral to my model making tool-kit. The workshops here are seriously good (in my entirely inexperienced opinion). Thumbs are not for hammering! I have the blood-blister to remind me.

And there was this lecture about TEQ’s (Trading Emissions Quota’s) by an old guy called David Fleming. It really was very simple. There is cause for hope. The inevitable recession from the combination of Climate Change and Peak Oil can be dampened. Our society might just survive. There will have to be a process of total overhaul (or Lean Thinking as he would term it) of our entire lives, but something that is vaguely recognisable as our society could still exist. New Orleans was a demonstration of how little time it took for laws to fail and for the people to resort to mob rule. If only we could get it implemented we might stand a chance. It seems so obvious.


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