The Light

Wednesday 24th January § 1 Comment

I keep thinking that I’ve got these illnesses beat, but then they come back and gives me another walop (gotta love that word). The current illness is weird. It seems to combine all sorts of different symptoms in a destinct sequences, without any overlap. So, yesterday contained one of the worst migranes I’ve ever experienced followed in evening by a shivering, coldness (plus quite worrying pins and needles feelings all up my arms) and then today was full of sneezes.

One blessed thing about my flu is that it it’s left me head quite clear (if painful) to think about the current ‘Garden Of Light’ project.

So far the ‘process’ has been: starting from nothing, and then suddenly I had this idea of this whole organic sculptural complexity. Then, after resigning to the fate of modeling this freakish oddity I found a way of striping back the insanity. It still curvey and a bit crazy, and there are still bits of it that require headscratching to imagine (a.k.a ‘resolve’) in 3D.

What worries me is how I came upon this idea. In truth, I’m not sure. It just popped into my head. And then I scratched my head and went on to develop the idea until it was unrecognisable (and still stretches the parameters of the brief). What makes this idea worthy of attention above all others (for me anyway)? But the tutors have been quite insistent about the need for a concept, so this is what I’ve got: “Light is best appreciated in contrast with darkness”. Short, I know; but it’s truthful. I’ve been trying to work in something a bit deeper, but it’s not working. Light as a metaphore for life, etc. It’s just pretentious bullshit.

“Steming from that idea then the pavilion necessarily needs to be quite dark and the light sources need to be carefully contained.”

“Contrast between the dark, brutalist section and light, sandstone coloured, organicly moulded.”


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