After The Blockade

Tuesday 19th December § 2 Comments

The blockade of Faslane went superbly. We (the Leicester group) blockaded the for a total of 2 hours. When I say ‘we’, really I mean all the other people who were brave enough to go and get themselves arrested. Seeing how easy it was, makes me feel stupid for not having been a part of the locking on. According to a Glasweegian Policeman we were the most effective block he’d seen.

It was a shame that ‘Chain Gang’ decided to swap to the North Gate, rather than the South Gate, because of course the first thing that the police did was to redirect traffic around that way. But such is hindsight. Next time we’ll do things differently. There probrably will be a next time.

Faslane 365 (check out the website) promotes an air of ‘direct action, lite’ (getting arrested, but without the repercussions). Quite possibly a stepping stone to bigger things. If there ever was a safe way to get arrested this would be it. Worth it just for the experience and the warm glow of knowing that you’re doing something that may actually make a difference.

Note to self: protesting is tiring stuff. Went to sleep at 2 last night and was still in bed at
half 5 this afternoon. Thats 15.5 hours worth of slumber (so much for Christmas shopping). Still got a lovely glowing feel-good feeling.

There’s a far more complete account of the weekend on the faslane website, from Liz, on of the GOATS (Golden Oldies Against Trident) who were utterly marvelous. Infact, without exception, all of the people (and police) we met along the way were great. Highly recommended. Go, do it now.


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