Saturday 9th December § Leave a comment

Approximately every three weeks I find that I go through a low patch. For some reason it’s more intense than usuall this weekend. A tumbling aching pointlessness. At first I dismissed it as home-sickness, but no, the cause would still be there at home. I feel empty. I’m having doubts about architecture. Not this course, but of architecture as a whole.

I’m so tired. Tired of the constant activity and bustle. Tired of the stink of our kitchen. Tired of thinking. Tired of deadlines (I still haven’t got around the idea), and spending days trying to complete on simple assignment. Tired of walking places all the time. Tired of the cold. The holiday can’t come quick enough when I can truly relax.

Sorry for the downbeat selfishness, I’ll ‘ve rediscovered my focus within a few days. Music of the moment: ‘War Within A Breath’ by Rage Against The Machine. The evolutionary drive for small cuddly animals will soon adapt to the market for ‘tele-visible’ wildlife. Cuddlyness will become a survival tactic.


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