Tony Hunt’s Structures Notebook (Second Edition)

Tuesday 21st November § Leave a comment

Published by the Architectural Press.

I took out this book at the beginning of term, and it’s interesting to see how my perspective has changed on it. What this book contains is mainly things that anyone interested in architecture should be noticing all the time combined with the structural basics that we were taught in the first five weeks of term.

Looking back I’m not sure who this is targeted at. It’s so simple to absorb that I can imagine having it on the shelf of an architecture practice for visitors to flick through. It would make a good gift for someone considering studying architecture, as an accompaniment to work experience (15 to 16 year olds) maybe.

What the book doesn’t contain is a lot of writing. Instead, there are neat pen drawings which are great because they strip everything down to the bare skeleton. Everything reduced to black & white lines. It makes things look so simple. Maybe that’s the point… to inspire people to push the boundaries. If ever I get stuck with a structural problem, this would be a first place to turn too for a glimpse of the possibilities.

3/5 Stars

Music of the moment: ‘Simple’ by Martha Tilston, who happens
to have a new album out called ‘of milkmaids & architects’


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