12 Hour Studio Day

Wednesday 15th November § Leave a comment

Nine in the morning to nine o’clock at night. Excepting an half hour coffee break spent in the library and a walk to halls and back to fetch supplies. Beyond the cup of coffee I’ve eaten the most part of a bag of apples, but not much else since last night. On top of that I feel well and truly dosed up on UHU. It got to the stage towards the end where I couldn;t smell the glue’s fumes at all. If you want to talkabout off-gassing, UHU would be a perfect example for people to relate too. I have yet to start hallucinating yet.

The song of the moment: ‘A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara’d into Submisson)’ by Paul Simon.

Anyway, new project: ‘Openings & Boundares’. Not as abstract as it sounds. My main problem came from finding reasons for what I was doing. After two attempts which used the cardboard’s natural modelling characteristics. The third concept came from one snaking curve of card, which lead to another, which lead up to a corner and so on until I almost finished my working model this evening. Every time I tried to walk away from it, some new element called. It would be good, if only I didn’t know about Zaha Hadid. It’s so annoying to work on something really hard, then you step back and realise that someone famous has done it all before. I’d show you a picture of it if I could find my digital camera. The architecture department has a student group called ITech who do things architectural and apparently I’ve been recommended to them as a potential candidate. Slight secret society overtones I feel.

We have our first review tomorrow for the first two projects: ‘Patterns’ and ‘Rhythm’. I feel sorry for the group of asian guy’s (noticably) in the studio who enmasse realised that they hadn’t completed their projects and then as I left the Fletcher building I saw a guy outside, just starting the first bit of work, for the first . But pity turns to astonishment when the same people who are trying to finish off models by tomorrow talk about going out raving tonight. According to one of the second years, these first two projects aren’t counted towards our years grade anyway.

The quote of the day came from the (lone) professor: “If you we’re herding sheep in the desert this wall might be useful, but otherwise…”


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