The Other Side Of Another Weekend

Monday 13th November § Leave a comment

I’m back on form. Life is good. Life is beautiful- kinda stylie.

Finished the dreaded (at least by me) Construction Assignment #2, with what, all of 8 hours to go before the deadline. I’m happy and a tinsy bit impressed with myself for not going insane. I might even forgive the tutor and admit that I’ve learnt quite a lot, but only after some serious therapy.

I’ve been measuring my mood by the music I listen too for a few weeks now. If you freakishly happen to have exactly the same taste in music, you can live my emotions along with me in a spooky stalkerish kind of way. This morning it was ‘Not Ready Yet’ by The Eels. Check the lyrics. Very, not happy. As compared with now. I’m in a more Mr Scruff kinda funkadelic monkey-madness mood. Hyper as a bunny rabbit on speed, one crazed scientist might plausibly comment.

It will have happened, someone will have tried this somewhere, at some point in recent history. I saw a video of a rat once, that scientists dosed up, just to see how it affected it’s reactions. It looked like a zombie junkie rat, with the red staring eyes that never focused on nothing.

Yup, sleep is not going to happen for quite a long time. Did I mention that I’m ludicrously happy right now? Which is a good thing right?


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