Travels Eastwards

Monday 6th November § Leave a comment

Returning to Leicester took 6 and a half hours. After the long night of practising, by today we’d honed hugging into a refined art. The journey was studded with interesting events. As I got onto the train I had too pass through a small gaggle of saxophonists who were playing a repertoire of light jazz and the classical equivalent of Huge Hits 98 to the whole train for the length of the 2 hours it took to reach Shrewsbury.

At Shrewsbury I approached a girl who I thought I vaguely recognised as we were climbing aboard the connection to Birmingham New Street. She turned out to be Dot, sister of Bethan Greaves (who calls her Dottie), who played Mrs Squires (brilliantly) to Josh’s Mr Squires in the Nicholas Nicholby. A fun hour and a half of conversation followed, covering stuffy Oxford traditions, advanced Geology (never Geography), and the pros and cons of being a youngest child (with reference to Bethan and my brother Owen), the strict robes that her (Oxford) collage require worn for exams and the pleasures of city cycling. We had a coffee and a baguette and went our separate ways, but now that I know Dot I know I’ll see her around. It’s one of the nicer things about living in such rural communities.

After that I only had an hour to flitter until I slept on the bus while the guys in the seat behind me talked openly about dealing crack.


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