Sunday 5th November § Leave a comment

Granny died on Friday (the 3rd). It was peaceful end, although she had suffered considerably in her last few days.

For the last week she’s been fading. Failing to eat. Slipping into an unfocused state of consciousness.

On Thursday she fractured her pelvis.

Around 5 on the Friday she went into the operating theatre. The operation was successful. She came back to the ward obviously exhausted and terribly frail, drifting in and out of sleep, drugged up on morphine.

As fate would have it I lost my phone on the Monday, so the first I heard of Granny’s worsening was from Dad on the Friday evening, after having seen the MPYT show. She’d passed away. Heart simply stopped. Slipped away painlessly.

As (the remaining) Grandpa put it with his usual eloquence, he was “gladly saddened” to hear of her going. Saddened to hear the news, but more glad to hear that she went peacefully. Glad that she didn’t have too bear further pain.


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