The Black List

Thursday 2nd November § Leave a comment

A group of charities would submit petitions to a government all-party quango who would determine a list of companies to have companies blacklisted for their records of breaking human rights legislation’s or of serious environmental crimes both here and in the rest of the world.

Banks and buildings societies as well as other corporations such as supermarkets would sign up voluntarily to boycott any company on this list. The only sanction for breaking this embargo would be the adverse publicity that this would cause.

A company on the black list could appeal to the government quango.

Six monthly reports by the quango would publicise the worst offenders with the aim of using public bargaining power to force the companies to ‘do the right thing’ in order to protect their brand image and by association, their profits.

Government run. Open to bribery? Not enforced strongly enough?

Amnesty International project? Global list.


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