One Disadvantage Of Halls

Thursday 2nd November § Leave a comment

Fire alarms at 4:30 (precisely) in the morning. If it weren’t so cold it would be a good way too meet people. I swear I see people at fire-alarms that I’ve never seen before, if only it weren’t so blastedly cold. However cold it gets some people seem to have a death wish. A dressing-gown on top of nothing, bare feet and all, is not sufficient for hanging around (for a full 40 minutes) at 0 Celsius.

I can picture the scene, Leicester (a.k.a. the windy city) in full blizzard conditions and us standing like penguins trying to cram under the porch are, trying to leech of each others warmth and someone will still be in bare feet.

The only question now is ‘is it worth trying to get some sleep before my first Materials Lab at 9 tomorrow’? Except of course tomorrow is today.


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