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If you haven’t heard of Faslane then it’s a Trident (nuclear submarine) base not too far from Glasgow. The aim of this base is to provide Britain with first-strike nuclear abilities. Basically Britain feels the need to be able to call a nuclear strike against any country in the world. An eloquent discussion of the issues behind Trident which questions the MoD’s desire to replace the Trident system by 2014 was recently published by the Britich American Security Information Council.

If the government are to follow the MoD’s time-scale and their stated belief that the Trident program cannot be extended but rather needs a total replacement (and all indications are that the cabinet will) then that would require a new bill of parliament to be passed. Bearing in mind that it takes approximately 7 years to build a program equivalent to Trident’s from scratch (including brand new missiles and submarines) that limits the decision making timeframe to within the next 12 months. Tony Blair has promised a vote on the subject, but he has no constitutional obligation to heed the results.

Given that such a momentous decission might well be made . It comes down to the cliched “If not us then who else?”

If your interested in saving the world then heres some further reading:

The WMD Commission (headed up by Hans Blix) have recently published a report titled “WEAPONS OF TERROR: Freeing the World of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Arms” which you can grab off their site. Here are just a few of the juciest sections from the synopsis. (I have yet to read the 227 pages of the full report).

“It is high time to revitalise global cooperation on disarmament and the Commission presents a list of 60 recommendations. At the top are the recommendations that all governments must accept the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that was agreed ten years ago, that states currently possessing nuclear weapons must reduce their arsenals and that they must stop producing plutonium and highly enriched uranium for more nuclear weapons. It is high time to revitalise global cooperation on disarmament”

“All states – even the great powers – must prepare to live without nuclear weapons and other weapons of terror.”

What I like about this group is that their such a reliable source. These guy’s report to the UN and if 15 of the top governments in the world believe them, then why shouldn’t you?

(Don’t take any of my figures as facts, just follow the links. The truth is almost certainly more scary than I make it out to be)

For a comics view of issues around nuclear/the arms industry check out Mark Thomas. He’s a genius. He really is. Thank’s to Emily for the audio. (Why I didn’t hear about his gig in Leicester until the day afterwards? Grrrr) For a preview you should definitely have a listen to this reading entitled ‘The Penis Of Peace’ from his book ‘As Used On The Famous Nelson Mandela’.


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