Reasons To Be Happy

Sunday 3rd September § Leave a comment

  • De Montfort University, what a brilliant place. They give students with over 280 ucas points a £1000 pound non-repayable bursary. I got 296 points thanks to AS Cymraeg.
  • I’m very pleasantly surprised by the amount of money in my Post Office account. (mainly Grandparent’s money)
  • I saw my sister the day before yesterday at the opening night of the National Youth Theatre of Wales which she’s been rehearsing in Aber for the last three weeks. If your going to see “An Inspectors Duty” then she’ll be the one playing the cello in a pink wig. If this is how much I miss one member of my family after a few weeks how am I going to cope with leaving for a whole term?
  • I way a stone less than I did about a month and a half ago, without any conscious effort at all. I had too double check the scales to see if they were working correctly.
  • I played the violin yesterday and now I’ve got the itch to play it again. I haven’t played it seriously since I was 11 so there’s a lot to re-remember.
  • I had a party last Wednesday and people actually came. I have such a lovely group of friends.


  • Granny’s moving to an old doddery peoples home in Builth tomorrow.
  • My car’s leaking smelly axle grease.
  • People have just come to the door and I’m still in bed.
  • The world’s still a pretty shit place.

6 Happiness points – 4 Sadness points = 2 on the side of happiness
Happiness wins!


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