Tuesday 15th August § Leave a comment

I’ve been on a downwards spiral of doubt, since I returned from the Big Green Gathering. At first it was only passing when people started reminding me that I had less than two weeks left before the day of reckoning. Now with only two days separating me from my results, I find myself lying down to sleep in a nervous quiver traveling through my body.

A fortnight ago, when prompted, I would talk-up my unease, but inside I would feel an underlying optimism, but now all I find is an emptiness which is akin to despair. This odd kind of selfishness is one of the worst side-effects of our exam system.

To continue with the doomsayer theme, my latest budget for the forthcoming year predicts a feasible estimate of nine thousand pounds debt for every year in further education which would mean a debt in excess of fourty five thousand pounds over the next seven years.

Sorry for such a self-destructive rant. I know I shouldn’t care so much. This week has been a week for partying and next week we’ll be camping in Ireland so there’s no excuse for this melancholy. If only I can get beyond Thursday I’ll be fine.


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