Rhayader Festival

Saturday 22nd July § Leave a comment

Just spent a lovely evening with lots of friends on the Gro in Rhayader at a mini-festival organised by CARAD as a pre-lim to the carnival tomorrow.

There was some excellent music. My favourite acts were a duo called Heaven Knows who were a duo comprising a singer/guitarist and a fiddler and ‘The Hostages‘ who were the headlining act, a Llandodian trio of drums, guitar and bass. They were at their best when the ginger drummer guy took on the roll of singer and lead a vicious rendition of Scummy by The Arctic Monkeys.

To round off the evening there was a theatrical display of fire poi, staff and sticks but it was the company that really made the evening although I still feel stunted in conversationalism, damn-it.

The Appraisal

The band in the picture are called ‘The Appraisal‘, previously known as ‘Blackout’. Accomplished musicians and good friends, but not my kind of music. Verging on screamy-emo. Definitely worth a listen. In-fact I think they suited the outdoor acoustic.


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