Green Music

Saturday 22nd July § Leave a comment

In my growing anticipation of this years Big Green(I be a stewarding) I stumbled across the musical line up. It’s in the nature of these things to change, but I want to highlight a few bands. Mainly the ones I’ve heard of, I guess. It’s nice to see a few of the coolest acts from the Small Nations will be performing.

Charming folky Americo-Welsh harmonizing. One of my top three acts of the Small Nations. The drummer has the most elaborate drum kit I’ve ever seen. Drum solo please. Listen to them as a duo over on their myspace.
(Wednesday 7pm, Croissant Neuf and Friday 12pm, Green Forum)
(Their also playing at the Stonecroft in Llanwrtyd on August 26th)

The Rub
Unfortunately the brilliance of this guy is impossible to put into words. But you lucky people don’t have to wait to see how damn good this funk sounds. Grab a listen over on the myspace machine. George Bush Is An Islamic… gotta be one of the best sing-along songs ever! At the Big Green ther’l be collaborations with United Vibration and Excentral The Tempest. If you climb out of your tent to go and see one thing make sure its these guys.
Excentral The Tempest & The Rub
(Wednesday 8.45pm, Green Forum and Thursday 9.15pm, Small World Solar Stage)
United Vibrations & The Rub
(Saturday 2.30pm, Croissant Neuf and Sunday 10.45pm, Henry’s Beard)

Martha Tilston & The Woods
Relax, breath in the atmosphere. Avoid analysis of lyrics. Check out another myspace.
(Friday 8.45pm, Green Forum)

The Wraiths
Poetic modern folk at it’s most melodic.
(Sunday 1.45pm, Henry’s Beard)

A few old faithfuls I fear, but there are so many other acts that look tempting.


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