Thursday 20th July § Leave a comment

I don’t hold too much faith in ghosts, fairies, lay-lines, UFO’s or religion, but I do believe in fate. Coincidences have a strange way of cropping up which seems way beyond coincidental.

This morning I started reading Chapter XIV of Bertrand Russels ‘A History Of Western Philosophy’ entitled ‘Plato’s Utopia’ which starts with a few paragraphs that proclaim ‘the Republic’ to be Plato’s most important diologue which seeks to define ‘justice’. He(Plato) approaches this by outlining his’s ideal commonwealth in which a philosopher king rules, then analysing what it means to be a philosipher and finally discussing the advantages and pitfalls of various kinds of constitutional models.

Then this afternoon I saw a translation of that very same text priced at 99p in a charity shop in Llandrindod. A philistine might say that I was primed to spot the book, that I entered the shop only because my sister is a compulsive charity shop shopper and only passing through Landod to get my rail ticket to the Green Gathering, but I say nay, all of these are merely evidence of fate in action.


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