Nighttime Trek To The Top Of The World

Thursday 29th June § Leave a comment

Tonight Liz Flemming-Williams, her daughter Launa, my Dad and I are going to camp on top of Drygarn Fawr, weather permitting. It looks lovely at the moment.

We’ve been preparing the Super 8 to shoot a time-lapse film from sunset to sunrise. We’ve done the calculations and 2 minutes 46 seconds(24 frames per second) of film (50m) equates to 3,984 frames and if we take one frame every ten seconds we can shoot for eleven hours from 8 in the evening to 7 in the morning. At that speed the viewer will be watching a second of film for every four minutes that we shoot. I’m really exited. This will be the first film I’ve made with my Dad since the pirates tale that we made using stop-motion and lego characters when I was 9.

It’s also the first outing for our new two-man tent. I have a feeling that it still might be quite windy up on the top. It’s hard to explain in words how desolate Drygarn is. The plan is to camp somewhere around halfway along the small dotted line between the cairns.

Map Of Drygarn


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