Summer Solstice

Wednesday 21st June § Leave a comment

I've been so wonderfully lazy since the end of school. Time seems to pass differently.

Tonight is the summer solstice and Liz Flemming-Williams, Dad and I had planned to camp up on the top of Drygarn but yesterday the weather suddenly turned nasty. I was sure that our plans would be scuppered but now suddenly the sun is shining and there are patches of blue sky and everything seems possible, having said that there's a gusty breeze running through the garden and I know that even a little wind down here in the valley could be a gale up on the summit. Drygarn is one of those places that feel as if their on top of the world. A huge plateau of peat bogs and dry tussocky grass and very little else, similar to Dartmoor but without the tourists.

The inclement weather has spurred me into attacking the pile of books that I've stacked up just waiting to be read. I've started with "A Concise History Of Western Architecture" written by R. Furneaux Jordan which cost my Dad 50p. I was half expecting it to be mind-numbingly dull but in-fact it's well written and really fascinating. For a history book it keeps up a good pace and always manages to keep an eye on the wider historical setting. I'm just getting into the Romanesque/Early Christian period.


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