Saturday 17th June § Leave a comment

What a surreal evening. I drove over to Llyn Brianne to deliver a car-load of party go-ers to a party of Joe Thurgates up in the woods. I guess it's three-quaters of an hour either way but it took us longer because we had to keep stopping to have a look at the views. We live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Llyn Brianne

As you approach the reservoir you come over an area of open grassland and here we found a herd of horses lazing in the last heat of the sun, mainly made up of mothers with foals. I managed to take this photo out of the car window as we drove passed.


I was a little nervous about leaving my little sister at a party when the occupants of the first car I approached offered to sell me Acid, but she seemed quite happy to dance off into the woods along with Rory and Leonie, attracted by the poumding of a .

I decided to return home the scenic route, but I didn't get very far because I ran into two of the lovliest people in the world as well as a stranger called Lauren, who was also pretty terrific, despite being from Warrington. The midges were so bad that the only way to escape them was to keep moving, so I joined them for a walk. Enough explanations, here's the photo.


After walking there and walking back again I left them to their partying. I was sorely tempted to join them but partying required energy that I didn't have.

I chose to return home the scenic route. Descending the Devils Staircase and rolling down through the Abergwesyn valley. In the twilight gloom the hills were blue and other-worldly. I could have been the only living thing on earth, if it weren't for the odd sheep that seem to make a habit of lying on the road.

I find it slightly disturbing that I had the opportunity of partying, infact partying might have been the easier option and yet I chose to come home to bed. I thought that after the exams I'd be all energised and motivated but infact I'm exhausted. All this working at such an unsustainable level for the last few months that my body is empty. My limbs ache from weariness. I foresee weeks of lazyness ahead.


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