Friday 16th June § Leave a comment

The drama studio has been taken over by the year 13 art moderation exhibition. Apparently our school has been selected to be cross-moderated, which means that our work will have been marked by a total of three different people.

The resurrection of my exam piece wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. It had suffered a bit from being bumped around a bit but the main hindrance was that I'd completely forgotten how the various bamboo poles went together. Luckily after Ellen and Dad(and his pessimism) had left it went up quite quickly.

Unfortunately there were a few pieces still missing, which is why you can see the two, clumsy, chairs in the right of the picture below. The heavy iron weight that counterbalances the sail had also been mislaid. These small details don't make too much difference to the overall effect so I don't think it matters much at all.


Quite out of the blue Murf from The Anomalies walked by while I was re-constructing. Why on earth he'd be walking through the drama room of our high school at half past four on a sunny afternoon? The idea of educational hip-hop works for me.


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