Monday 12th June § Leave a comment

I flunked that exam good and proper. One blatant U on it's way I fear. If this Maths had any relevance maybe I wouldn't think it such a waste of time.

It's still OK though. I have to pass my Stats exam on Thursday and everything will be fine. That's easy to say. I've hardly done any revision of Stats, pouring all my efforts down the all-consuming throat of the Core 4 beast, for all the good it did me. I've got two day's to re-learn everything I ever learnt. Two days!

I still can't help feeling extrodinarily happy. Puzzling indeed.

Apologies for the mundane life I have to write about. Within a week I shall be free to think interesting thoughts, free to ask the questions that really matter: When is it alright to hug someone? What is the purpose of the two canisters of Echtocrome 8mm film that arrived at our doorstep this morning? Why would anyone use film in this age of digital? Will the earth become uninhabitable within my lifetime? What is the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?


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