An Introduction To Architectural Podcasts

Tuesday 6th June § Leave a comment


I've been experimenting with podcasting. The range of architecture podcasts aren't all that great. I keep finding things on microsoft software architecture. Can you imagine anything worse? Of the feeds that aren't spawned from the depths of hell, there are two or three names the keep floating out of the ether.

Kevin Shellenbach is a Chicago based architect who brings up some interesting issues on his Architecture Talk podcast. Nice variety of topics. Wanders a bit maybe, but brings up issues I wouldn't have thought of myself. The discussions can get a bit 'academic', particularly in the episode on abstraction which I'd nevertheless recommend for any prospective students (like me) in which another architect called Gary Moad explains his post-grad thesis.

I've only just discovered the Architecture Radio site, but it seems like a really brilliant resource. I'd suggest the lecture by Toshiko Mori. The Architecture Radio site also hosts some video's which I haven't explored yet, but I'm sure that being able to see the slides that they were using in the presentations would be a great help.

Another podcast that I've just started listening to is published by the The School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University Of Oregon which present a series of lectures by visiting artists and architects.

So far I haven't been able to find anything originating from outside of the US. This technology would seem perfectly suited to the format of lectures. Particularly as they are in a setting where it's likely that the necessary hardware is already in place, so hopefully architecture podcasting is something that will grow with time.

I did try the KCRW Architecture & Design podcast, but it's was awful. The presenter and the whole style just sucked. The only good thing about the broadcast was an interview with Jodie Foster (yes, the sexy film star) who is obviously really engaged in architecture.

In the interview she rated the Loyola University Law School's 'Chapel Of The Advocate' by Frank Gehry as her favourite LA building. Her talk really showed up how clumsy the presenter was, as she dissected her reasons for liking the very down-to-earth building. She praised it's use of exposed plywood and simple 2 by 4 construction which had stained and grayed with age. I can empathise completely with her description of the spirituality of the space, despite being an atheist herself. I like these superstar architecture buff's (i.e Brad Pitt). They give architecture a good name, and at the same time appear a little less like money making machines.


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