P J Harvey

Saturday 27th May § Leave a comment

I’ve got to promise myself that I wont forget how utterly brilliant it was. No matter how impossible it is to express the experience in words, it’s something that I must always try to keep alive. Like a candle.

She is astounding. Brilliant.

P J Harvey

It was full of comedy, in a good way. One new song (called ‘The Mountain’) was interrupted by a scream from Polly as she recoiled from a marauding cockroach.

She kept an audience of over a thousand entranced for an hour and a half, of her on her own, with just 4 guitars, or a piano (in her first public piano performance), a mini-organ that she’d brought of a guy in a market for fifty quid, and that needed to be hit repeatedly and then restarted before it actually worked, a cymbal, a drum-machine, a tiny grrm-nois-maker (not sure what), many many foot pedals that changed her sound guitar sound only very slightly, an echo mic, a distortion mic and a foot controlled ‘squaky voice’ effect, and a voice that has as many different sounds as she has style.

She captivate by making everything seem effortless. Exuding a patient gripping energy. I mustn’t forget how good it is too listen to her music. How good the music feels. It was the best gig I’ve ever experience. It’s left me jubilant and near tears.

Photo by Plastic Jesus

The perfect taste combination for a sweaty post gig snack is a ginger nut biscuit topped with a healthy slice of Danish Blue cheese. You wouldn’t believe how nice it tastes.


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