Gray Skies Are Here Again

Saturday 20th May § Leave a comment

Every time I think that the summer really has arrived we seem to plunge back into another week of howling winds and tempermental rains. It's particularly crucial today because tonight, Ellen, Josh and I are camping out in someones back garden. I know, it sounds like something you'd only do at the age of twelve, but we're going to a barn dance in Gloucester, hosted by. I'm dreading that it might turn out to be really awkwards, because it's also the silver wedding aniversary of Hannah's parents. I may have met them once or twice but I'd hardly be able to point them out in a crowd. I'm sure it'll be fun.

Grandpa's hanging on. In fact we plan to visit him today on the way through, for the first time since he went to hospital. Mum particullarly felt that it was better for us to remember him as he was, here; rather than as he is now. There's still not much to be done for him beyond easing his way. But apparently he's been more conscious in these last few days, more awake and more talkative, so theres still hope.

Before we leave, this morning, I'm going with Dad and 'Brian the bookshop' to the show ground in Builth, to the Green Building fair. It's an oppertunity to marvel at windmills, get all exited about sheeps-wool insulation, and maybe even discover the mysteries of the heat pump.

There's also a top secret proposition to make some serious art. I can't reveal anything more, but it's making me tizzy with the anticipation.


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