A Granny sized mug

Friday 12th May § Leave a comment

Granny came down for a Granny sized cup of tea this morning after a bad night. Dad and I were sat with her in the sunlight when Granny said something like “you never know, you could win a thousand pounds” and when the post arrived we found had. OK it was fifty pounds not a thousand, and Mum and Dad had entered into a raffle sometime around Christmas, but still it was a pretty impressive coincidence.

A Granny Sized Cup

And then Mum phoned from the hospital. She’d talked again with the nice Japanese consultant, who’d basically said that they thought the best thing to do was to ease his passage. Dose him up on morphine and withdraw the antibiotics and let him go quickly. Bina’s coming up as quickly as she can today so that she can see him before the overdose of opiate takes effect. It’s not as if the hospital are surreptitiously practicing uthenasia, it’s just a sensitive way to let him go, quickly and painlessly rather than fighting to keep him alive. As the doctor said, his quality of life is pretty minimal at the moment.

I hate to think how Cristina’s going to find Granny, after having been away for so long (8 months of her gap year in Latin America) the gradual changes that we have absorbed and adjusted too, will be apparent to her in one big shock. She’s so frail and small and she’s also lost that magic ‘spark’ which has kept her active for to such an age. I can’t feel she too is not long for this world.


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