Completion and Deconstruction

Friday 28th April § Leave a comment

Is it possible to be more tired, I’ve been acting on auto-pilot for a few hours now but hyperness is still keeping me from collapse. I’m in this hyper state mainly due to the completion of my exam project, but also thanks to a neat new nanoPod that I’ve just unwrapped. It probrable deserves a review someday but first impressions: So nano it’s mind-boggling.

I’m ecstatically pleased with my installation; proud even. I’m still trying to decide what to call it. Is it a tent, is it a sail, no it’s a tripod-o-morph. What a sentence; yet more proof of my need to sleep). Where was I. Art; and I have pictures.


OK. It’s a bit weird so I think you deserve an explanation. See the bench, on the floor there, underneath that white saily bit. That’s the bit that I made first. Everything else is oriented around that bench (plywood seat, thick bamboo legs).

The white sail is like a backdrop to the seat which wraps itself around you and is designed to be visible in your peripheral vision and frame the sculpture in-front of you.

The tripod-al centrepiece manages to look completely different depending on your viewpoint which bring’s us back neatly to the bench, which at it’s heart is a contrivance to encourage you to take another perspective on the structure, one that I can have some control over.

Here’s the central form from a different view.

Side On

Good. Non-lethal. Brilliant. Unbelievable. Textured. Shapely. Cantilevered. Possibly even graceful. It’s almost everything I wanted to achieve.


Here’s the work of a co-artist, Becca. Doesn’t it feel like it’s staring at you? Spooky. The photos (along the top) are of Siobhan who’s another artisan (and look’s nothing like the photos, but equally pretty).

After completion and a few photos, there was the heart wrenching bit. I had too disect my work into storable chunks. Here are the harrowing pictures, from the empty art room, to the place where the skeleton of my construction rests.

Oh, the horror


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