Art: Part Two

Thursday 27th April § Leave a comment

It was good. Fun.

I met my target for the day. Exeded it even, by working late again. I finished the windbrake structure and fitted the cloth, although that area still needs a little attention. But the exiting part I did after school and with enough room to experiment without having to worry about hitting people's heads. It's a bit hard to describe, so I'll post a photo as soon as I have it looking presentable. Maybe the hardest I've e ver worked but and it's great.

I worked too long; went beyond exhaustion, with a small crash (my first in a pleasently long time). When I say mini, it really wasn't that bad at all. I was still good to drive home; which is incredible, considering. And I recoverd enough by supper to have dyed my first cloth, which made my blister's stand out like blue barnacles on my hands. Just see what a beautiful blue it made:

Blue calico in the evening sunlight


Today was full of musicalness.

Goldfrapp were absolutely magical doing a rare acoustic set in Jo Whiley's Live Lounge around lunch time (you can listen for yourself on the Listen Again thing the BBC do, sheesh, I sound just like an advert).

Unfortunately the Super Furry Animal's sold out their cosy Cardiff Gig within half an hour but as a consolation the superb P J Harvey will be playing in her only UK 'Festival' gig of the summer at the Hay Festival of all places which is barely 20 miles away. And I've got tickets.

Apparently I only have 4/9 of P J Harvey's albums. Scandalous. Something clearly need's to be done. If only I had the time and the money…

And lest I forget. At lunch-time our humble drama studio was visited by the beatboxer/rappers off of The Anomalies (Benjie's brother's band) who were the most amazing hip-hop duo that I've ever seen; OK, that's not saying much, but their skill's of improvisation and the clarity was stunning. Plus they'll be doing a workshop next Saturday at the dance centre in Land-od.


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