Almost Half Way

Wednesday 26th April § Leave a comment

Today was exhausting. As expected, it didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped. But then I compensated by staying in school an extra hour, which brought me back on target. I've built the seat and the wind-shield-like structure so hopefully I'll have some extra time to build another section. Already I'm taking up a quater of the art room, so extending .

It's a little difficult to tell how much longer I'll need. Basically I'm making it up as I go along, but I'm quite certain that I'll need every extra minute I can get. It's not cheating, honest. I'm allowed an extra 25% of time (the advantages of having M.E.), which equates to a handy three hours).

One problem that I have yet solved is how I'm going to disassemble this piece so that I can store it, before reassembling it for the external moderation. It's horrible to think of all my hard work being cut to shreds just to fit it into a cupboard (I'll have nightmares).

I finally managed to send of my reply's to the Uni's, after Nottingham Trent withdrew their course for some reason (I really couldn't care less, they didn't even have RIBA accreditation). So my choices have been sent irreversibly:

  • Firm Choice: De Montfort, Leicester
  • Insurance Choice: University Of Creative Design, Canterbury

I'm happy.

Anyone interested in the state of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict should read a report written by my friend Emily of her experience of a fact-finding mission >>


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