Tomorrow, The Construction Of A Contorted Tent

Tuesday 25th April § Leave a comment

Tomorrow at 9 I start my 12 hour art exam, the 'terminal exam' as the syllabys describes it.

My sculpture is a tent-like structure which was almost completely unplaned two days ago into something that has a definite shape and structure. This new idea might just stand up, but it's completely untested. So far it's just based on a theory. The main structure is built out of inch thick bamboo from which I'll hang calico to form a canopy which will be tall enough to allow an adult to walk through it without trouble. This is construction on a scale that I've never tried before, never tested. There's still huge scope for creativity and improvisation as well as catastrophy, but I have a really good feeling about tomorrow.

Strange how I've developed this concept; quite the inverse of the architectural approach of and utter control and refined design.

Keeping a secret is hard. I haven't been been sleeping but hopefully tonight will be the exception.


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