I Don’t Believe In Horoscopes

Friday 21st April § Leave a comment

…but it freaks me out when they come true.

At about eleven thirty I did the most inexplicable thing that is totally out of character for me. I submitted a list of 5 e-mails to receive a 'recomendation' for a website(normally something I would never do) and I also surfed over to the exite.co.uk horoscope and under the prediction for Pisces I read the following:

"You should not fear an unexpected and unpleasant event because you will find the solution at once. In work, you will meet a very positive and useful for your career person. In love, avoid details."

And ten minutes later I learnt an ungodly secret. So secret that I don't think I can tell it here, despite the fact that I can be pretty sure that no one will ever read it, and I can be almost absolutly certain that the one or two people that might come across this entry won't know me. It's not just one secret, but a whole series of revelations that are accumulating into a massive secret of Everestian proportion.

It's a secret so utterly earth shatteringly destructive that I don't know whether I can tell anyone, ever. If only the solution wasn't such a burden. It's really scary. I feel as if I could blurt it out at any time. Maybe I'll have to start a secret diary, to record the secret things that should never ever be told.

So… I'm looking forward to meeting the person who will bring a renewed vigour to my work.


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