Shigeru Ban

Tuesday 18th April § Leave a comment

Shigeru Ban is a really incredible guy. He's worked with the UN and humanitarian efforts including the Volunteer Architects Network. He's famous for using paper tubing as structural elements in his buildings, but this isn't just a gimmick it's a reflection of his approach, which as well as being inspired by materials he shows a genuine desire to be socially responsible. Here's a link to the original article in the Guardian (that was brought to my attention by my Aunt Val) which first sparked my interest in Shigeru Ban: Material Guy.

Unknowingly, before I had even heard his name I had already taken a picture of one of his buildings when I visited the Pompidou in Paris. The white tube with the portholes is a temporary office which they built on the roof of the Centre Pompidou while Shigeru Ban Architects work with the Pompidou on the design for the new outreach centre in Metz.

Feel free to use this image for anything non-commercial.

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