72 Day’s To Freedom

Wednesday 5th April § Leave a comment

Today was a really nice school day, there was an unusual mix of intelligent conversation and everyone was friendly and to add to the strange mood C2 was accompanied by the unexpected soundtrack of classical music. I was quite mystified by this strange mood, until I realised that the whole of Year 12 where away on a day trip. Even the Maths was satisfying (to say it was fun would be a bit too extreme).

I've been bull-shitting my way through my art as part of the final push to fill the gapping holes in my year long unit. I've only just begun thinking about a final piece to combine all of the disparate themes of my unit into one design.

The layout of the building is divided into three sections which reflect a variety of influences. The cantilevered wing is shaped like a tapering leaf with one side faceted and angular exaggerating the jagged Deconstructivism of Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind. The central section is a double height, glass clad conservatory which connects to the organic, slightly oriental tower that draws influences from Frank Gehry and the sculptress Barbara Hepworth.

Southern Perspective

The constant problem that this design is that the contrast between these very different styles is always verging on the schizophrenic.


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