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Yesterday I applied to steward at the Big Green Gathering which is a giant summer festival located above the famous Cheddar gorge and which is the largest ‘green’ event in Britain. Apparently their expecting 20 thousand people this year.

Coincidentally Rory from school has a cousin who is friends with The Martin Harley Band who I was blown away by when I saw them play at last years festival, inside the Henry’s Beard tent, and I’ve been searching for them ever since. Unfortunately I completely mispelled the band’s name so none of my searches had a chance.

Other artists to look out for from last years festival are Martha Tilston who is a beautiful singer/songwriter of the kind that you would expect at the Big Green Gathering of the folk tradition, and The Rub, who are the most political band I’ve ever heard, as demonstrated by the ‘George Bush Is An Islamic Fundamentalist‘ song. Apparently ‘The Rub’ is aphiliated with DJ Rubbish and Casseteboy but their website has disappearred although there’s mention of them on the Rythm’s For Resistance and the Peace Not War websites (go check out the sites anyway). Interestingly I saw a poster about free-trade in our art class that had a photo of some graffiti with one of The Rub’s slogans: ‘Join The Revolution, Be Part Of The Solution’.

Which only leaves “The Lysalgical One” as the only act which I have yet to track down. I’m not sure of the spelling of this one either. I saw her play a late night set at the Bedouin Cafe, playing the guitar with an incomparable style. By the time I had clambered over the half asleep bodies she had sold out of CD’s, so she wrote her e-mail address on the back of my hand, but it must have been a magic marker because by the morning the writing had disappeared completely.

But this gives the wrong impression of the festival. It’s an amalgam of some of the nicest people outside of Wales who’s lives are examples of eco-friendlieness, a handful of naturists and cosmic love which just happens to be accompanied by some pretty amazing music.

I do worry about the actual greeness of the festival. Just getting there is a going to pump a ginormous amount of CO2 into the atmosphere (as well as all of the other nasties), but I have the feeling that I have an oppertunity right now to chose how environmentally friendly-ly I want to be for the rest of my life, and going to the Big Green is the most obvious a reflection of that choice.


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