My First Plaster Model

Thursday 23rd March § 2 Comments

In fact this model, or perhaps better call it a sculpture contains an under-skeleton of chicken wire, covered in papier mache followed by mod-rock (gauze dipped in plaster) followed by a few coats of plaster (with one coat to go). Hopefully I can then sand the shape down into a nice shine, but I’m terribly conscious that time is now seriously running out. Anyway, here’s the picture I promised:


Does using warm water retard or increase the rate that plaster dries? I know plaster heats up as it sets so does heated water help it on its way?


§ 2 Responses to My First Plaster Model

  • dave brosnan says:

    Regarding the warm water in plaster yes it will make it set slightly quicker.
    The guys at aagaards use this method to decrease the setting time.
    You could also try adding a chemical called potasium aluminium or alum which will have a much greater efect .you should be able to get it from most probabley to late for you but hope it helps in the future.
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  • annakeiller says:

    Warm water and stirring the plaster thoroughly shorten the setting time considerably.

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