I Dream Of Architecture

Thursday 23rd March § Leave a comment

Last night I dreamt about architecture. Organic buildings full of texture and light and I was just walking through the spaces feeling totally relaxed. I'm really interested in the way dreams work, and today I noticed for the first time that I don't have any peripheral vision when I dream. I guess that this is normal, only focusing on the details that seem important to you, but it's a strange thing to analyze.

At Brookes there is a lazer-cutter which will cut thin sheets of wood plastic or even aluminium according to a 3D model. Which means that you can create a contoured model out of your computer designs. In De Montfort they have something even more advanced which builds up a model by depositing a resin and building up a fantastically detailed model which is a prefect mirror of the computer model that you chose to build (Woo, wouldn't It be great to have a massive great big one of thee machines that could actually build a building using this technique). But I like the ideal os something that works in reverse. Something that you sculpt and which then outputs a computer model. Imagine thousands of tiny ball bearings in a tray with a high powered electro-magnet for it's base. In theory you could mould the ball bearings into whatever shape you liked as long as the magnetizm held. All of the iron ball bearings would then have to broadcast their position somehow, either by miniturized wireless technology, or by sending tiny electronic signals through the structure, and with a little dollop of computer magic, your sculpture has been replicated inside the computer.

…Or maybe if you wore a pair of gloves full of sensors you could model the physical properties of the iron pellets as you moulded them, creating a digital double(which could record in real time, wow, you could see a video of your model coming to life) of the stack of iron ball bearings that had been formed by all the same movements as the real model in front of you. Simple. The really hard part would be reversing the process so that you could reconstitute the real world model from a saved digital file…

It's nice to dream.


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