Grandpa’s Dying

Thursday 23rd March § Leave a comment

And not in the ‘everybody dies someday’ kind of way, more like ‘you’ll find my will in the top drawer of my desk’ kind of thing.

It isn’t even a ‘secret that everybody knows about’ anymore, it’s just a fact that gets gets carefully cencored from any conversation involving us kids.

I don’t know what to feel, so I feel empty. It’s almost the same feeling that I get before summer lightning. Anticipation of inevitable sadness.

I look at Grandpa, pale and weak, and I see all the things I’m going to miss. His spark. Something that used to be so strong and has now faded. His intense appreciation of life. His incredible ability to drag up a pertinet quote on any subject in the world. His laugh. His eyes.

Nowing what is going to happen doesn’t make it any easier, particularlly for Mum and Auntie Bina.


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