Wednesday 22nd March § Leave a comment

I think I failed the interview, not that I did terribly, I just didn't feel that I came over very well. The introduction was presented by a nice chubby guy called Adam who is the first year coordinator and he said all the right things, btu nothing overwhelming. Next came the bit that was trully terrible. Adam presented us with a sheet that asked us to draw objects that contained a triangle and I just froze up. I couldn't think of anything. After the three minutes were up I had managed to scribble a total of three things. The second half of the 'visulization exercise' as they called it, consisted of a series of 8 patterned segments arranged in a square with a blank in one corner and you had to select the tile that fitted into the pattern. The interview was conducted by the guardian of the workshop who was called Humphrey and had a grubby scar on his left cheek. As always the interview has faded too a blur, but I left with the distinct feeling that I had failed. On the tour around the campus I talked with a really interesting(and pretty) blonde woman with a French accent who wasn't sure that she wanted to go too Brookes despite being accepted straight-away in her interview. Scarily good. In some ways I hope Brookes reject me so that I don't have to make any decisions for myself. Then it would be a simple choice between KIAD and LJMU for second place. So here's to hoping (Glug the whiskey).


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