The Last Interview

Tuesday 21st March § Leave a comment

I'm not sure what I'm expecting Oxford Brookes to be like. Acording to Tim it's the place that posh people, who haven't got the grades or ability for the 'real' Oxford but want to bask in the prestige of the brand. It was initially my first choice and has the most demanding entry requirements of any that I'm applying to. It's surprising how many people I know, who know people who have links with the architecture department there. Jude's mother still works there as a specialist in eco-friendly design and I keep hearing good thing from purious sources, apparently the department has a good reputation witin the industry. I think they recently hosted the Archaos annual gathering and they seem to get a fair number of accolades which is always a good sign, so so far everything sounds pretty positive. Tomorrow will tell.

Ooh. And I've updated my portfolio a bit so maybe I'll put up a pretty picture.


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