Clumsy Nineteen

Monday 13th March § Leave a comment

I feel inordinately clumsy at the moment. I keep crashing into things spinning ’round too quickly and knocking things to the floor and generally droping. Today I really crunched my knee running up the concrete steps too Maths (normally I would be running the other way).

I’ve also noticed that I’ve become really bitchy, since about Christmas. I’ve started making really snide comments which (I really hope) are uncharectaristic for me…

I blame exams for a whole load of things. Making life a misery out of the majority of young people in the ‘First World’. Making me actively avoid work which I otherwise might do (work that one out). Numerous suicides. Making me switch off from school. Training people to think that they have to continue achieving for the rest of their lives. World dept, massive starvation, enforced by people (i.e. me) who are far too self absorbed about exams to look up and see the real world.


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