Hosting Trouble

Thursday 9th March § Leave a comment

I’m wondering about switching to a simpler solution after having trouble accessing my current host. The only problem with moving is that it would require a rename. Not that my attachment to the “Angelic” monicer is very deep but since that is already taken a replacement title is needed.
Current possibilities: ark, space, construct, constructivism(already an architectural movement), anti-kitsch (the front runner at the moment), reductive, dimentionality(an old one)

I’ve decided on ‘Anti-Kitch’. I think I read somewhere in Libeskind’s first book (I have to wonder how much of it was written by him) that the worst insult an architect could recieve was to be called ‘kitsch’. (how ironic). Yes I’m addicted to brackets.

I should deffinitely be trying to sleep by now. I’m getting up at a quater to five in the morning to go on a second visit to De Montford to solidify it’s position as number one in my places I want to go to university list. This time I’m taking Dad along for the journey. It all seems a bit rediculous. Eight hours travelling by train in order to spend three hours in Leicester.


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