Liverpool John Moores Open Day

Friday 10th February § Leave a comment

The train seemed to be on time, although I can’t verify this after not bothering to even look for my watch this morning. Needless to say it’s very early. I would describe the but the street lights are infrequent and all the same colour. At this point there are two other passengers with me in the single carriage that is the staple on the Heart Of Wales line.
This train seems noisier than I remember, making a whole spectrum of sounds that you only really acknowledge when they stop.
We’ve stopped now at Llandrindod Wells which is perhaps the oddest town on the line. Architecturally it is a fusion of the worst of Victorian facades with rather shoddy building which has lead to many misguided renovations, fuel by the marketing gimmick of calling L’andod a Victorian town. A lot of the weirdness of the town is directly attributable to the mystifying decision by certain hotel owners to advertise themselves to jail inmate who’s sentences are coming to an end. An example of capitalism which has transformed the community for the worst, making Land-odd the crime and poverty capital of Mid Wales.
Leeds Met was a disappointment.

It just goes on and on. I don't know how I wrote so much but I'm bored so maybe I'll transcribe the remaining 98% of my trip to Liverpool some othertime, maybe not.


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